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Tips for Organizing Neat Wardrobe for Children, Find Clothes No More Difficult!

Are you starting to find it hard to find your child’s favorite clothes? This means that the children’s wardrobe is starting to fall apart.
Usually, children often pull clothes carelessly when picking it up
Then, left alone while closing the closet door.
Organizing your child’s wardrobe should be done routinely, at least every week to be neat.
This is a challenge for you, especially if there are quite a lot of children’s clothing collections.
It’s not an easy job, Mother, but it must be done.
The work of tidying up children’s clothes must still be done.
Not bad, your body moves so much and burns calories.

  • Sort Narrow Clothes

The first step in tidying up a child’s wardrobe is, get rid of tops, pants, socks, and other clothes that are already narrow.
Usually clothes when your baby is still a baby.
This sorting outfit should be done every 6 months.
Especially because the child’s growth is very fast.

  • Categorize Clothes According to Function

After being sorted, categorize children’s clothes based on their function.
For example, clothes for school such as school uniforms, and attributes, play clothes or daily wear.
For underwear, socks, underwear and socks should be placed in a special box.
You can density piles of clothes and pants by providing clothes hangers.
Some clothes like shirts, sweaters, jackets are better hanged.
Clothes hangers can also train children to be independent in choosing clothes.
That way you and your child are no longer confused when looking for clothes.

  • Children’s clothes cabinets are filled according to the type

For example, the type of trousers, leggings, jeans, and shorts into a single pile.
Likewise with blouse, shirts, shirts, you can unite the types into one superiors.
Same with the type of underwear as well as accessories.
Usually the things above will be scattered and messy if mixed in one storage.
In this grouping process it is better to involve the child because, so he can learn to be responsible for his possessions.

  • Storage Position

Make sure you adjust the storage position well.
For play clothes or everyday, place it at the very bottom so that the area is still affordable for children.
The middle position of the children’s wardrobe can be placed for school uniforms or going clothes.
While the top position, can be occupied with objects that are rarely used, such as sheets and blankets or other accessories.
Especially for underwear you can keep it in a closed drawer.
If this position lasts long, then your child will probably memorize it and he can take the clothes he needs himself.

  • Small Fold Children’s Clothing

There are two techniques for how to fold clothes, that is, the conventional way or small folded.
Generally, the conventional method will produce 1 to 2 clothes lines in one rack.
Others by folding small.
You can fold clothes smaller than usual so that one rack will fit more than 2 rows.

  • New Clothes vs. Old Clothes

Be careful when traveling to malls.
There are cute … Read More

3 Easy Tips to Appear Attractive to Men

Lack of awareness in appearance makes many men less attractive to women. We know that women’s attraction usually starts from their eyes, quality, then whether or not it is necessary. So it’s clear that if you want to get them interested, change the way you dress.
Unlike the complicated appearance of women, the appearance of men is simple and very simple. Just keep in mind these three principles:


Neatness of clothing must be considered. Avoid clothes that are worn and tangled because it greatly reduces the value of neatness. Neat also talks about how you put the hem of your clothes into your pants whether it’s neat or messy. Are the ends of the shirts, the ends of the pants folded neatly. Hair neatness is also influential, whether disheveled just woke up or arranged properly. Women always judge your overall neatness, so don’t forget one.


The second thing you should pay attention to when looking is cleanliness. Are there stains on your clothes? Or are there colored spills on your pants? Then not only the cleanliness of the clothes, but also your body. Whether hair is dandruff free and lice, dental hygiene must also be considered, try not to have food tucked between your teeth. If that happens, then all the eyes of people who see it will continue to focus on your teeth. Is there dirt tucked under your nails? You think it might be trivial, but women pay attention to small things
Then this cleanliness is often forgotten by almost all men, namely shoes. When wearing leather shoes, then polish, if you wear clean sports shoes.


This is social norm. Body odor If you have a problem with body odor that is not pleasant, keep the food to be eaten and try to use a deodorant.
If the problem is bad breath, then you have to fix it. Bad breath is usually very identical with problematic teeth. Dental care does need a fairly expensive cost. Bad breath is usually caused by rotten teeth. Try to fix your teeth, don’t be lazy to care for and provide the best for yourself.
If there are no problems with teeth but still smells, it means the problem is the mouth. To make the breath fresh, multiply eating fruits and prepare sweets to minimize your bad breath. Try to always smell good in all parts of the body.
If you feel all this is very complicated, wow you don’t know anything about what women do to maintain their appearance. Compared to all that, all these things are very simple. So don’t be lazy to look after yourself if you want a woman who looks good! Remember, before he wants to know you, he will judge you based on what he sees.… Read More