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feminineIn Venus in Exile famend cultural critic Wendy Steiner explores the 20 th century’s troubled relationship with magnificence. Disdained by avant-garde artists, feminists, and activists, beauty and its major symbols of artwork—the female topic and decoration—turned modernist taboos. To today it’s hard to champion magnificence in art without sounding aesthetically or politically retrograde. Steiner argues as an alternative that the expertise of magnificence is a form of communication, a topic-object interchange by which discovering someone or something beautiful is at the same time recognizing beauty in oneself. This idea has led artists and writers corresponding to Marlene Dumas, Christopher Bram, and Cindy Sherman to focus on the long-ignored figure of the mannequin, who operate in artwork as both a topic and an object.

The choice for artwork over nature in early modernism thus reveals a misogynistic dimension that is intimately linked to, rather than dissolved by, its parodistic and antirealist aesthetic. Women and the feminine normally characterize the insufficient warrior.

Masculinity and femininity in self-perceptions and beliefs of registered nurses

28 One extra technique of warding off stigmatization is to accept it as an “other” type of “masculinity”, a different means of being a man. In this manner, sure British hairstylists made fun of their own occupations, parodying female conduct while at the similar time affirming their own masculinity, coloured, but not altered, by “femininity” (Hall/Hockey/Ro­binson, 2011).

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Occupational areas associated with men are largely related to traits that by definition are alleged to be “masculine” (Connell, 1995) – assertiveness, technical capacity, the power to purpose, and physical strength. Clearly, the naturalist argument nonetheless carries weight regardless of having been deconstructed by sociologists, an­thropologists and historians working on gender relationships and social relations involving gender.

Steiner concludes Venus in Exile on a decidedly optimistic note, demonstrating that magnificence has created a new and intensely pleasurable course for contemporary artistic apply. When we are able to act in a healthy masculine when we want/need to, similar to assertive, aim directed, targeted and self-enough, we can take motion and get things carried out.

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In addition, we present four studies by which the psychometric properties of the CFNI were examined. In Study 1, factor analysis indicated that the CFNI is comprised of eight distinct factors labeled as Nice in Relationships, Thinness, Modesty, Domestic, Care for Children, Romantic Relationship, Sexual Fidelity, and Invest in Appearance. Results from Study 2 indicated that the CFNI has robust inner consistency estimates and differentiates school women from school males.