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The Criminalization of Women’s Bodies Is All About Conservative Male Power

29/10/2018 Author 0

all about womenWomen are a powerful drive in the international financial system, with vital untapped business potential. By harnessing this power, monetary establishments around the world are attaining success.

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Do we expect the behaviour of Jimmy Saville, Robert Hughes, Rolf Harris and (allegedly) Bill Cosby would have come to light without the passing on of braveness that feminism — at its greatest — provides? Those men by no means dreamt that the women and children they used as objects would in the future find their voice. They had been able to stay comfortably because of their assumption that their movie star, energy and gender protected them.

The counter argument points out that if rape goes to be justified on the idea of historic verisimilitude, we should expect to see a lot more rotten tooth and unhealthy hair. OSM is among the companies that recognizes diversity as a major lifeline linked … Read More